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Interested in learning about the online renewal process for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support test? Perfect! That's why we developed this site.

About us

About us

This site is simply some free information about the Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It covers the process and some of the major steps involved in becoming certified. We are currently in the process of creating some additional articles which go into more detail about some of the particular topics.

Ultimately, we would like the site to be a good free resource that someone could come to with little knowledge of how the ACLS certification process works, spend time going through the site and then be fully up to speed on the different options and ready to select one.


What is this website about?

There are several websites that provide the ability to get your ACLS, BLS or PALS certification online.

We have decided to start going through these sites to review them against each other and and try to highlight the pros and cons (if any) of their services in an effort to help you decide which is the best fit for your needs.

Do it online

Online ACLS

In general, online renewal is a much more convenient process for anybody who already has an existing ACLS card than it is for somebody who is just starting from scratch.

Typically, facilities will provide quarterly ACLS trainings, however it's common for someone's certification to lapse before the training. This is often when getting recertified online can be extremely helpful..

Online ACLS providers
Learn the game

Online Providers

We have found that there are quite a few online providers for ACLS, BLS and PALS online training and certification. Most have similar offerings but we have started reviewing a few of them and will post our findings on our Online Certification Companies page.


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